Lounge Café Bar Menu 2017

Serving Hours 11:00 - 23:00



Wheat toast with ham and cheese                            3,00€

double ham: +0,40€ /double cheese: +0,40€

Whole wheat toast with turkey and cheese           3,00€  

double turkey: +0,40€ /double cheese: +0,40€

(Served with salad)

Greek Baguette* with feta cheese, olives,             5,10€
tomato, oregano and olive oil

(Served with French fries)

White Bread Baguette* with ham, cheese             5,10€
tomato and mayonnaise

*with Thessaloniki-style dough and sesame

(Served with French fries and salad)

Tortilla with Chicken                                                         6,10€

with apple, curry and mayonnaise

(Served with salad)

Club Sandwich with grilled chicken,                            8,50€

with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce,
and mayonnaise sauce with pickles.

(Served with country-style potatoes and salad)

Beer Assortment                                                             14,00€

Cheese and Cured Meat platter                                15,00€

Burger & Pizza

Burger with cheddar, tomato, bacon                        9,00€
jam, iceberg lettuce and mayonnaise

Double Burger                                                                  13,50€

(Both served with French fries and salad)

Pizza Margarita with mozzarella                                  6,80€

Greek Pizza with feta, tomato, olives, and onion        7,90€

Pizza Ham, Bacon and Mozzarella                               8,90€



Main dishes

Crispy Rolls with Cured Pastourma and Kasseri Cheese                   8,90€

with tomato and basil dip

Shrimp Rolls                                                                           8,90€

in rice sheet served with a sweet and hot chili

Greek Salad                                                                           7,40€

Green Salad                                                                           9,40€

with smoked tuna, sour apple, beetroot and apple vinaigrette

Penne with Cherry Tomatoes with tomato sauce and basil      7,20€

Chicken Thigh Fillet                                                             9,00€

with olive sauce, basil pesto and paprika, served with mashed potatoes

Rib-Eye with fresh French fries                        29,00€




White Chocolate Balls with Cream-Filled Choux     9,00€

with hot bitter chocolate sauce

Crispy Pastry Sheets with Mango Cream                   8,50€

Tart with Grape and Lavender Cream                           7,90€

Chocolate Soufflé with vanilla ice cream               7,00€

extra scoop of ice cream:                                              +2,50€

Ice-cream in various flavors                                            5,00€

Freshly cut fruit platter                                                     7,00€


We are at the disposal of any customer who wants to know if certain dishes contain specific ingredients. Please inform your waiter of any allergies or specific dietary requirement for which we must be aware when your order is taken.

Statutory Charges: city tax 0.5%, VAT 24%

* Frozen products have been chosen to ensure the best possible quality

In salads we use extra virgin olive oil, and sunflower oil is used for frying

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