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ELEFSINA HOTEL and STACHY catering, with 4-star services and aiming at providing superior quality in the Catering area, have successfully completed all the necessary checks to certify the quality of the products and services they provide.

Quality control

Specifically, ELEFSINA HOTEL and STACHY catering have been certified
● by ISO 22000 for food safety
● by ISO 14001 for environmental management, demonstrating the company's sensitivity to the environment and its protection.
● by ISO 9001 for their quality management system, ensuring excellent service in all areas.

The dishes are prepared on the same day at our facilities in Elefsina according to the applicable sanitary regulations and we always use pure and tested raw materials for the preparation of the products.

Both our officers and our staff follow strictly and meticulously the regulations to ensure the quality of our services and products, paying special attention to every detail!