Business Buffet No 1
Green salad with sun dried tomatoes and artichokes
Salad spinach with raisins, crab apple and pomegranate vinaigrette
Beetroot marinated with fennel
Broccoli souffle with parmesan
Rigatoni with basil pesto
Baby baked potatoes with olive oil and oregano
Scallops pork with mushrooms
Chicken fillet with thyme and anise
Burgers with pita bread
Fruit tartlets
Strawberry mousse
Business Buffet No 2
Lettuce hearts with pine nuts and yoghurt sauce
Chinese cabbage with bamboo shoots, bean sprouts and soy sauce
Pasta primavera salad (tomato, basil, olive oil)
Traditional pie with cream cheese
Penne with halloumi and mint sauce
Risotto with mushrooms and saffron
Dauphinoise potatoes
Rabbit with lemon fennel
Beef ragout with eggplants
Chicken marinated with mustard and thyme
Variety of oriental delights with syrup and vanilla ice cream
Chocolate mousse
Business Buffet No 3
Salad with shrimp, ginger and lemon
Green salad with mastelo Chios and marinated orange
Tabbouleh salad with pita bread
Spinach souffle
Risotto with radicchio, prosciutto and lime
Rigatoni with broccoli and chicken
Pork fillet with lemon and sautéed vegetables
Chicken with paprika, olives and fresh mashed potatoes
Lamb chops with herbs
Fish fillet roasted with lemongrass
Pecan pie
Ekmek with cherry
Seasonal fruit


Additional options

(one of the three Business buffet menus above has to be chosen first)

♦ Bottled water (pet-unlimited consumption)
♦ Bottled water (glass-unlimited consumption)
♦ Soft drinks (unlimited consumption)
♦ Bottled wine White and Red (unlimited consumption)
♦ Domestic beers (unlimited consumption)

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