Light Lunch Buffet No 1

(Minimum number of persons 15)

♦ Greek Salad with small barley rusks

♦ Artichokes wrapped in bacon

♦ Leek pie with cream cheese

♦ Penne "primavera"

♦ Chicken breaded with sesame and sweet chili

♦ Risotto with saffron and mushrooms

♦ White chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce


Light Lunch Buffet No 2

(Minimum number of persons 15)

♦ Salad with carrot, orange and sunflower seeds

♦ Mixed salad with croutons and chicken

♦ Savory choux with parmesan and chives

♦ Barbecue pork with sweet and sour sauce

♦ Tortellini with basil cream

♦ Chicken thighs with sumac

♦ Fried rice with vegetables

♦ Burgers with pita pies

♦ Strawberry Tarts


Additional options

(Prerequisite: the selection of one of the 2 light lunch buffet mentioned above)

♦ Bottled water (pet-unlimited consumption)

♦ Bottled water (glass-unlimited consumption)

♦ Soft drinks (unlimited consumption)

♦ Bottled wine White and Red (unlimited consumption)

♦ Domestic beers (unlimited consumption)

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