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Christmas Eve Buffet at the Elefsina Hotel | December 24, 2017

Cold appetizers and salads
1. Variety of Greek and international cheeses with fruits and bread sticks
2. Smoked ham slices with apple sauce
3. Baby spinach salad with croutons, pork tenderloin and poached eggs
4. Green salad with smoked duck, honey and mustard
5. Greek Dolamdakia with vine leaves and tasty yogurt sauce
6. Eggplant spread salad with walnuts and Thessaloniki-style rusks
7. Chick peas salad with tahini, fresh coriander and lemon
8. Lobster Bisque soup with shrimp and brandy

9. Carving
► Traditional Roast turkey stuffed with chestnuts
► Virginia pork tenderloin with pineapple and honey
10. Baby potatoes in the oven with aromatic spices
11. Grilled pumpkin flavored with cinnamon and parsley
12. Glazed Vegetables
13. Veal roll with winter vegetables
14. Grilled quail with caramelized oranges
15. Ragout with chestnuts, mushrooms and red wine
16. Poached Salmon with cardamom cream.


Traditional  Greek Christmas candy (kourabiedes, Melomakarona, pancakes)

Chocolate tart with roasted hazelnuts
Lemon mousse with meringues
Tiramisu with Kahlua and espresso
Fruit salad with ginger and peppermint
Caramel cake

Price/person: 32€
For kids up to 10 years old: 20€

Make your reservation: 210 5589700